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        About Us

        Dedicated to provide the quality service to customers !

        Advance Garment Software Co.,Ltd.Of Zhongshan Advance Garment Software Co.Ltd., Of Zhongshan (AGS) is a rich experience supplier of Apparel ERP management software. Its main products are " AGS-Apparel production management" and "AGS-Apparel ERP" . AGS has been committed to provied professional、 comprehensive information systems solutions to garment enterprises, as well as associated with enterprise information management consulting, implementation and services. From 1990 's AGS has been served apparel industry  base on experienced programmers and consultants for about 20 years. AGS has been keep improving、innovating in garment industry, accumulated lots of successful apparel management experience .  Professional, focused, concentrated are AGS’s business Philosophy.

        • AGS Culture

          Specializing in garment enterprise management software

          AGS Honor

          China High Tech、Innovative Business

        • Superiority

          18 years experiense in garment industry and software development

        Main Products

        AGS has being provided professional and comprehensive software and solutions for apparel enterprises for about 20 years!

        AGS-ERP specializes in apparel enterprise resources planning system. The system applys to HR, business, production, procurement, warehouse management and FI etc., including the entire process of enterprise. AGS-ERP's module can meet different kind of garment enterprises as module separated or combined, sorts of apparel OEM business, own-brand apparel manufacturers, apparel trade company. The service includes: software product, hardware interfaces, implementation services, customer development (redevelopment) and other integrated programmes etc.